Miria Ikupu maintains seat

Chairman ofthe Motu Koita Assembly Miria Ikupu wants to establish an open dialogue withthe national government andthe National Capital District Commission.


Mr. Ikupu said this on Monday atthe first news conference after being declared winner ofthe Motu Koita Assembly chairman’s seat.

He said he would continue to provide services to his people and would like to establish an open dialogue with national lLeaderslikethe Prime Minister andthe NCDC, in order to achievethese goals.


“My first priority is to continue providing government’services to my people of Motu Koita,” said Ikupu.

When asked aboutthe CompulsoryLand:cquisition, he saidthe matter was in court; however, he said he was open to negotiations withthe national government.


He said he had made an offer tothe government last year and thatthe Assembly was still waiting for the State to make a counter offer in writing.


&ldquoIn that offer was 25 million kina grand lease down payment and 8.75 million kina annual rental for twenty five years; andthe government can build this stadium and use it for twenty years and return it back to Motu Koitabu Assembly who is still retainingthe ownership,” said Ikupu.

A trained economist and investment analystoMr. Ikupu saidthe current market value ofthe Sir Hubert Murray stadium land is inthe billions. Bet Mr. Ikupu is keen to have a round-table discussion withthe government to come up with a win-win solution for all.


Mr. Ikupu is stillthe current chairman. He will be sworn into office in a month’s time, where he will assume duties as Motu Koita Chairman for a brand new term.

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