Ministers taking full time studies at UPNG

Three Ministersof state are said to be attending classestthe University of Papua New Guinea

Dr Allan Marat askedthe O’Neill Dion Government if it was aware ofthe fact that its ministers were under taking studies. He also asked ifthe ministers of state are allowed to pursue studies whenthey were elected Member of Parliament.

He saidthe constitution does not make allowance andthereforethey a have breached it.

The Prime Minister is currently out ofthe country so his deputy answeredthe question.

Mr Dion said he was not aware of Ministersunder taking studies. However, he defendedthe ministers stating it was acceptable as long as ministerial duties were not being neglected.

Afterthe question and answer session Finance Minister James Marape revealed he was one ofthe ministers under taking studies.

Undertaking a master’s in business administration, he said unlike some MP’sthat chose to socialise duringtheir free time he chooses to study, and that he’s doing it for the benefit of his people.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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