Minister Maru and team to visit Angore

A team fromthe Department of Commerce &Industry will visitthe Angore PDL8 area in Hela province, this week.

Minister for Trade, Commerce &Industry Richard Maru’said this first trip is in preparation for his visit in April, togther with Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc.

Mr. Maru’s visit’scheduled for the 21st of April, is to confirmthe real chairman and boards of umbrella and block companies inthe Angore PDL8 area.

Minister Maru’said he has no intension to delaythe release ofthe Angore PDL8 Business Development Grants. His intentions however, as minister responsible, is to preventthe funds from being stolen.

Apart from confirmingthe real chairman and boards ofthe umbrella and block companies, Minister Maru will also discuss withthe people of Angore, howthe government wants to fundtheir businesses usingtheir BeG.

On a different note, Mr. Maru, who is also member for Yangoru-Sausia saidthe National Court sitting in Wewak, East Sepik Province on Friday dismissed an election petition filed against him bythe former member.

Mr. Maru accreditedthe win to God, and said it was a win for the people of his electorate. His Port Moresby-based supporters toasted to his win. He thanked his lawyer, andthe Electoral Commission Lawyer for a job well done, and stressed thatthe win now allows him to focus on his responsibilities.

Delly Begu, National EMTV News

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