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January 20, 2021

Families Gather To Celebrate Victims of MH370

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By Lorraine Gabina – EM TV International

Two years on, and families of the passengers and crew of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 gather to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Gathering at a small memorial event in Kuala Lumpur, ahead of the two year anniversary of the plane’s disappearance, the families said the search must continue beyond a June deadline, as new hope emerged last week of resolving the aviation mystery.

Debris recently found off the African coast rekindled hope for many, prompting relatives like Grace Nathan to demand investigators go back over mistakes made earlier on.

Australia said, in August, that initial drift models of where debris from the jet might first wash up had incorrectly identified Indonesia as the most likely location.

A meeting set for June between Australia, Malaysia, and China will determine whether to extend the search.

However, families are calling for the search to continue after the discovery last week of a white, meter-long chunk of metal suspected to be from MH370 off the coast of Mozambique.

Just as they prepare to mark the two-year anniversary of the jet’s disappearance on March 8, the relatives are asking for efforts to focus on the southeast African coast.

Voice370, a support group for MH370 next-of-kin, said last week in a statement that the claims of funds drying up was “unacceptable” as a reason for ending the investigation, which they say could benefit the broader industry and increase safety.

Family and friends of those on board the plane gathered at a mall in Malaysia’s capital, seeking to “re-investigate, re-evaluate, re-start” the search.


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