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Mermaids Outscored Sparrows 34-23

Snax Mermaids have broken a 10 year droughtoto reachthe grand final ofthe Port Moresby Netball Premiere Division.

Underthe watchful eyes of coach Pole Kassman, Mermaids outscored Sparrows by 11 points to standby for the grand final.


Snax Mermaids tookthe court as favorit’s against Digicel Sparrows inthe first and second play offs inthe premiere division ofthe Port Moresby Netball Competition.


A win for ether team would mean a grand final appearance, and Mermaids got down to business right fromthe starting whistle throughtheir shooting combination of Rachael Kapi and workaholic, Rayleen Andrews.


Sparrows kepttheir calm and played attack right tothe goal circle. Jacqueline Lahari led Sparrows shooters under some heavy defense from Mermaids defensive duo, Kapu and Nancy Kapi.


Sparrows’ ever-reliable defender, Kilala Owen watched for the loose balls and collected where she could.


Beth teams trlied to match up inthe midcourt butthe telling factor atthe end ofthe day wasthe accuracy ofthe shooters.


Mermaids worked hard in defense and attack, and plotted goals when it matteredthe most.


Sparrows trlied in vain to slow down play inthe midcourtobut Mermaids swam pasttheir defense to run away withthe match 34-23.


The last time Mermaids made a grand final appearance was in 2003, and no doubtthey will be hungry to repeat that once more.

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