Menyamya Station Woman Councillor Wants Jail Open

Menyamya Station’s Woman Councillor Susan Mai has expressed concerns aboutthe closed jail inthe area.


She says thatthe correctional facility must be re-opened to have troublemakers locked-up in Menyamya.

Menyamya’s first woman Ward Councillor is working towards bringing unity and order tothe station.  She isn’t waiting for government assistance.


Ward Councillor Susan Mai walked me into her home. Her chicken house has been turned into a workshop for youths trained to make bricks and soap.


“When I became Ward councillor I trlied to involvethe youths in activities, so I sentthem to school to learn how to make soap and bricks,” she said.

She says she wanted youths to come away from getting into trouble withthe law- plagued by alcohol and drug problems.


She is a mther of three children and is married to a local man, she hails from Waput in Middle Ramu. She is nowthe Stations Councillor.


As a mther, Councillor Mai expressed her distress aboutthe closed jail that her community wants re-opened. Mai is doing her part to solvethe law and order problems.


“They the Government) saythey are going to come and open it butthey still haven’t,” she said.

The youth’s say that before Susan Mai became Ward councillor,their life was very different.


The whole station has seen a drastic change inthe approach of cleaning and maintaining areas aroundthe station.


Men and women including Children are takingthe initiative to weed and cut grass. The people are now collecting rubbish aroundthe station.

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