Mendi Clears Acquitals for 2014 DSIP Funds


By Stanley Ove Jr-EMTV, Port Moresby

The Mendi-Munhiu District of the Southern Highlands Province cleared its 2014 DSIP acquittals, today. MP De Kewanu says the district has put over 50 per cent of the DSIP funds into the development of infrastructure.

Four LLG presidents of the district also presented their reports to the department of implementation and rural development. 

The district’s priority for 2013-2014 was on road developments and building bridges. Local MP, De Kewanu, said the district’s developments are a new chapter for Mendi.

Kewanu praised local contractors engaged with his district’s administration to carry out projects in the district’s four LLGs. He said roads were upgraded and footbridges were put up on time to connect people scattered throughout rural Mendi.

The four LLGs of the district also presented their reports. Each LLG receiving over K500, 000, delivered basic services to their LLGs.

Karints LLG President, Simon Tolpe said for the first time, services are being delivered to remote areas of the district. He said government services are now reaching rural people and is improving law and order in his LLG.

Receiving the reports, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Implementation and Rural Development, Badira Vari said the inclusion of LLG presidents to present their reports is part of the DSIP guidelines.

Vari said the district has complied with the department’s policies in DSIP funds and acquittals which gives a more transparent report for the department.

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