Melanesian Trustee Services Partners with Coalition for Change to Say No to Domestic Violence

Melanesian Trustee Services Limited announced today that it will support the Coalition for Change and make a stand against gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea.

MTSL Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Wemin, acknowledged the high rate of gender-based violence in PNG and the important responsibility of individuals and corporate citizens to make a difference.

Melanesian Trustee Services Limited as trustee for the Pacific Balanced Fund will now be supporting the Coalition for Change PNG through its community benefit scheme.

Mr Wemin said the Coalition for Change (CFC) was an example of the community responding to domestic violence. He said MTSL was proud to have assisted a recent victim of domestic violence.

Mr Wemin called on other corporate citizens and individuals to take a stand and reduce statistics. He then presented the keys of a Ford Ranger to Lanna Kami, Chairperson of CFC, with the hope that the vehicle will assist with CFC’s outreach program and make a change.

Mrs Kami thanked MTSL for the opportunity for CFC to reach a wider range of people in the community.

CFC has been focused on forming and writing up the Family Protection Act which was passed in 2013. Their work has since continued, to doing further awareness and advocacy on the services provided to victims and survivors.

She said progress has been due to mindsets and CFC hopes to continue to let this message evolve and let the change of mindsets towards ending domestic violence continue.

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