Mekeo People Unhappy with Total Buai Ban

The total buai ban announced by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, has received negative feedback fromthe people of Mekeo.

A total buai ban will be effective as of 1st January 2014.


The Mekeo people from Central Province who grow and supply betel nutoare against a total ban. A group representingthe people spoke to EMTV abouttheir concerns. They saythe ban is restrictingtheir market power, andtheir freedom of moverment.


They appreciatethe efforts to keepthe city clean, but feel thattheir freedom has been restricted, and more importantly,they don’t havethe market power, to decide prices.


They saythe free trade andtheir earning capacities have been blocked and wantthe NCD Governor andtheir governor to provide an immediate alternative.


A few months ago,the people of Mekeo presented a proposal to NCDC to addresstheir concerns regardingthe ban. To datethey have not received any positive response fromthe governor’s office.


They now want an alternative. They feel that when this ban comes into effectthey will bethe ones affectedthe most.


As of January 1st all temporary markets in NCD will be closed.

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