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Mautana Incident Results In Numerous Injuries

By Theckla Gunga – EMTV News, Port Moresby

A little boy has suffered broken bones, and another is nursing a bullet wound, while adult men and women are recovering from other wounds following a confrontation with members of the NCD Police.

This incident involves people living at Mautana, a settlement located between Baruni and the National Research Institute, two Sundays ago.

It is understood the confrontation resulted from an argument over a piece of land the state had allocated for a housing scheme for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

Mautana is a growing community, with people from all parts of the country coming to settle here.

It has a population of over four thousand people. Some work in government agencies, and others, in the private sector.

Two Sundays ago, the community had a confrontation with police officers, believed to be from the Saraga Police Station.

The initial argument was over a piece of land, behind Mautana which was allocated to RPNGC for a police housing scheme. However, the argument erupted into a fight when proper legal documents were not provided.

Those involved in the fight, retaliated when one of the police officers who they claimed fired a gunshot at them took cover in another police vehicle.

The fight led to numerous wounds received by Mautana Community residents.

This included a little boy who was run over by a car driven by members of the Saraga Station.

Others received injuries to their heads and shoulders, and several women were physically and verbally abused.

Three of the vehicles involved in the confrontation were destroyed by angry community members; one is a police vehicle, while two others were unmarked vehicles.

The matter has been reported to police bosses in Port Moresby, however, they are yet to release an official statement.

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EMTV News – 19th November, 2016

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