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Port Moresby
January 24, 2021

Maru Wants Besic Infrastructure before Anything Else

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Member for Yangoru-Saussia and Minister for Trade, Commerce, andIndustry Richard Maru, has informed youths and women in his electorate that social development programs will have to wait until basic infrastructures are in place.


Minister Maru’said many ofthe problems have been compounded bythe lack of basic services, and this needed to be addressed.

Many women and youth lLeadersinthe district have expressed anger for being neglected for over 30 years.


They have called onthe Minister to introduce development programs targeting communities.


They said criminal activities have skyrocketed overthe past years, an attribute ofthe annual drop-out rate. And with no social intervention programs, this problem becomes an ongoing cycle.


Minister Maru has travelled extensively throughoutthe District to informthe people ofthe development projects underway.


His people have also raised certain pressing issues of concernthey would want to be addressed. And creating more social programs for youths and women was a talking point.


Minister Maru has told his people that women and youths will receive recognition, once all basic services are in place.


He said social programs will begin once roads, schools, health centres, public utilities and law and order are in place.


Much ofthe development projects are moving at a fast pace. And youths and women have been promised thatthese programs will begin sooner than later.


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