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Marketing Trends on Social Media in PNG

In this information age where Facebook and Instagram are becoming a part of our everyday lives, many organizations, NGO’s, politicians and everyday individuals are using social media  to market their businesses, products, organizations or ambitions for public office.

Now that the internet is constantly at our fingertips, selling online has become easier and user-friendly. Social media allows businesses to share photos of goods and provide customer reviews to persuade visitors that the brand is trustworthy and well-liked.

Social media apps allow businesses and individuals to create online advertisements to increase sales, improve brand awareness and raise share of voice in the marketplace.

A great example would be Market Meri, Fortuna Online or Local Market, where suppliers can go and sell their products to consumers on a wider scale rather than just on their friend list. The broad prospect of the number of Papua New Guineans online, increase daily; from all corners of Papua New Guinea.

The different types of pages and groups created has fashioned a new style of the way people can get better deals for their money; and also making shopping easier since Facebook is one of the  applications that many people in PNG use.

Instagram is also a platform that businesses can benefit from; users can take pictures with the goods of the business and promote the brand or share the sentiments of happy customers. Local clothing lines have become accustomed to selling their clothes through Instagram for example, Lolua’s Closet.

Social media marketing is personal. It allows for the business to reach potential customers through the customer’s connected online friends and mutual acquaintances. This cyber-circle of  people may have reviewed the product or shown interest by way of commenting or giving the ubiquitous ‘like’ for Facebook. Quality photography is used as a main form of visual art to market to target audiences.

The new trend is not only influencing individuals but businesses in different aspects of our society and even the government. This newfound method is not only convenient but very much useful for today’s marketing in PNG.

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