Marape: Name Corrupt Officers

An investigation will be carrlied out onthe education department to establishthe legitimacy of contract dealings undertaken by officers ofthe department.

This investigation was ordered bythe Acting Finance Minister James Marape today, following claims by contractors that money earmarked for their contract payments have been diverted for ther use.


He also made it clear thatthere was no money appropriated bythe department in 2013 for infrastructure projects in NCD as claimed.


On Saturday, contractors engaged to carry out infrastructure work on schools in NCD demanded an explanation fromthe Education Secretary afterthey were informed thatthere was no money to paythem for their services.


Today, education secretary Dr Philip Tapo made it known thatthere was no money appropriated for infrastructure in boththe 2013 and 2014 budgetoandthe claims that K200 million was allocated this year were not true.


Education Minister, James Marape, supportedthe secretary’s remarks and called on contractors to expose names of officers involved in making contract dealings for various projects in NCD whenthere was no money appropriated.


Asthe Finance Minister, he confirmed thatthere was no money allocated in 2014 for education infrastructure and called on contractors to ether take this matter to court andthe department will pay when ordered to, or to wait for the investigation to be completed. That’s when genuine contractors will be identiflied and paid while those pretending and submitting claims for less or no work can facethe consequences.


One contractor put his hands up to name officers involved in making corrupt deals withthem by awarding contracts.


Secretary Tapo warned schools to be careful in awarding contracts andthey should do so usingtheir project and tuition free fees.

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