Manam Volcano’s Continuing Ash Fall Affecting Basic Services

by Rachel Shisei – EMTV News, Manam Island

The continuing ash fall on the island of Manam is causing serious health cases, apart from the boy who got injured last Friday, from stones thrown out by the volcano.

The health centre on the island has only three health workers, but because of the contaminated water, patients are advised to seek help on the mainland in Bogia.

Schools are also suspended for an indefinite period, due to the seriousness of the current situation.

Injuries received following the eruption and ashfall include blinding four babies, cuts and bruises to the people’s skin, fast spreading of cough, runny nose and diarrhoea.

There was yet another heavy ashfall last night, said to be coming out from two different craters of the volcano, thickening the layer of dust on the islanders’ food and water sources.

Ward Members in villages on the island have confirmed that there’s still no sign of help from the government, in terms of relief supplies.

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