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Manam Eruption Update

With assistance still yet to reach the people of Manam in Madang Province, a lack of food and other vital supplies continue to be a problem for those left stranded on the island. 

Madang’s provincial distaster unit has said that they are unsure of when additional supplies will arrive, with residents suffering three weeks after the minor eruption of the Manam Volcano.

They continue to survive off predominantly off breadfruit and coconuts, with concerns being raised over when their first allotment of food and other dry goods will run out. 


Tony Aronga, a Manam Island Teacher, told EMTV news that the people live in fear. 

“At night, we are afraid. We do not get much sleep. The community is not settled at the moment, and we are appealing to the government to help us settle somewhere safe, out of danger,” Tony says.

Rose Basse, a local Manam Islander, questioned why the government could give large amounts of money to athletes during the Pacific Games, yet there is nothing forthcoming to her people, who are in a serious state of affairs.

“We heard that individual athletes were being given large amounts of money for winning bronze, silver and gold. Why should one person get such a large amount of money, when a large number of people like us are suffering with this natural disaster?

“Days after this disaster, there has not been any good help or relief assistance for us. Why is that?” Rose questioned.

Many islanders are of the belief that are being viewed by many as a burden, however they are also of the belief that they should be entitled to the basic human right of food and water. 

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