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January 20, 2021
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Man of Steel: A Film Review

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The Planet Krypton is in danger of becoming extinct.

Ka’al ,the only naturally conceived infant is born amidst intergalactic conflict threatening Krypton. Jor-El and his wife Lara, in an effort to savetheir son, send  Ka’al on a vessel minutes before Krypton’s destruction… but not after infusing into little Ka’al’s body with possiblythe most important thing tothe existence of Krypton…  

Jonathan Kent and his wife find Ka’al. Knowing that he is from anther planetobring him up astheir own son, naming him Clark. Clark knows that he is different and questions continuously why he isthe way he is. Finally as a young teenage boy, his earthly fther shows himthe vessel by which he traveled to earth.

Man of Steel was anticipated to top US box office takings at $130 million last weekend and it did not disappoint with a reported 57 million- an all-time hit in box office history for June takings inthe United States. Here in PNG the Paradise Cinema was filled to capacity when I visitedthere on Sundaythe 16th – 2 days after it’s official opening inthe US.

Much effort went into creating a background story for the remake of Superman. Derived from a comic,the film was in a sense written somewhat like a comic strip with its drawn out explanation about re-creating Krypton and killingthe human race. I felt this slowedthe tempo ofthe flick down somewhat.

Nowhere throughoutthe film isthere ever a mention ofthe name Superman, onlythe symbol that we associate with Superman that apparently on Krypton means “Hope”.  Overall, notthe best re-make of a well-known comic book story. Quite predictable really… Good guy kills bad guy, saving earth but killingthe last ther survivor of his own planet.

The flick ends withthe hint of a sequel… that of which is likely to eventuate considering that it was a box-office success.

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