Man imparts skills on producing Homemade Products

Some people in Lae are being trained how to make soap, oil and chicken feed from coconutocassava and ther plants.

A man conducting a workshop on this believes this is helpful for people who do not have excess to shops in rural areas.

Gibling Oboko is one of several Papua New Guineas who believes some ofthe products bought in shops can also be produced cheaply from plants grown inthe back yard.

“To make Chicken feed; we gratethe Casava, squeezethe juice out and dry it out inthe sun”, explains Gibling.

Overthe last eighteen years Gibling has been an influential figure in Lae training people on how to manufacture homemade products from coconutocassava and ther plants.

“I heard aboutthe training and was interested so I came for the training”, participant.

Gibling facilitates a one week integrated skills training atthe Lae’s Anglican Church that focuses on how to make soap, cooking oil and chicken feed.

“From my view onthe training is that people back inthe villages havethe resources to makethese products;therefore, I created this organization to train people likethem to turn this resources into products thatthe household can use”, Gibling.

Gibling says it’s a life time skills that many of us take for granted. He began this training many years ago after seeing its importance of benefiting many Papua New Guineas in a long run.

“This training is fit for people living in remote and rural areas”, Gibling.

Small scale businesses like this drive people and communities that don’t have formal jobs.

He believesthese skills reduces unemployment and support rural Papua New Guinea villages with limited government’services like access to roads and places that don’t have constant supply of store goods.

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