Man Found Dead in Drain

An unidentiflied young man was found dead in a drain at 5 mile in Port Moresby today.


It was an eerie scene for a curious public just off Jack Pidik Park.

The man was lying inthe drain; he looked as though he was sleeping. However on closer inspection,the reality was gruesome.


The man’s neck had been slashed, just hanging on by an inch of skin.

There were two grass knifes lying next to him as well.


Eye withnesses saythey saw blood oozing out fromthe ther end ofthe drain. They decided to followthe trail up and where shocked attheir finding.


One woman told us a group of school boys had spottedthe man while going to school, but thought nothing about itobut it was upontheir return thatthey became worrlied.


The Police Dog Unit’surroundedthe scene, ensuringthe evidence was not tempered with whilst waiting for forensics to arrive.


The criminal investigation Unit is currently investigatingthe death ofthe young man.

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