Madang Police Stretched With Clashes

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While Madang Police are attending to ongoing clashes between the Wagol and the Billau Maus Rot settlers in Madang town, road blocks are being set up along the Bogia highway following the death of a man from the Suaru village who was allegedly shot by a Senior police officer.

Reports from eyewitnesses said the villagers’ road blocks are targeting any government vehicles, and not only the police.

EMTV News understands that most government vehicles have not been travelling out or into town from Bogia and elsewhere, since last weekend’s incident.

The Senior police officer who shot and killed the man is from Tangu in Bogia, and so most villagers and PMVs from Tangu haven’t been travelling to or from town, for fear of being attacked at the Suaru road blocks.

Causes of why the police officer killed the man, who was returning from the garden with his family, is still not known.

The Madang police Criminal Investigators are juggling this investigation and that of the current clash between the Wagol and aBilliau Maus Rot settlers.

Police officers from the town, and Bogia station, are currently outnumbered by the public in both locations. They are working around the clock to make their presence felt.

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  • 07/09/2016 at 14:56

    The late Brother- inlaw of mine Basse Sepalua was shot dead by the police while returning from the garden. The Suaru people are mostly known fearsome tribesmen in this highway, and the authorities to should act as soon as possible.

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