Luship Crew appeal to end internal power struggle

Ltheran Shipping workers in Lae have called onthe church andthe company management to resolvethe internal power struggle andthe legal battle over control.

Crew members ofthe ships said staff morale is at an all-time low and it may result in a withdrawal of labour.

The comments come asthe tussle drags on into anther month.

It hasn’t been easy for the staff atthe embattled Ltheran church owned company. Calls to sackthe Chief Executive have gone fromthe board room tothe highest decision making body ofthe church,the Synod; and now it’s beforethe courts.

Betthe crew members ofthe ships saythey are tired of it all. They just want to go back to runningthe boats and providing a service.

They’ve since called onthe church andthe management to resolvethe issue quickly.

For several monthsthe company has been saddled with safety issues which exposed infighting between key members ofthe board andthe company owner –the Ltheran Church of Papua New Guinea

The issue has not yet been resolved despitethe church directives for the termination ofthe top management.

The Beushop ofthe Ltheran Church has since been given a restraining order.

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