Lutheran Pastor killed

It has been revealed,the man who was killed late Saturday, was a Ltheran pastor who was stabbed andthen thrown out of a bus.

Yesterday, Morobe lLeadersgthered to discuss a petition that will be presented tothe Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru, today in Bemayong.

“It’s a cold blooded murder that puts a threat onthe lives of Morobe people and ther public commuters onthe ground of Morobe”, says Pesa Takos.

Mr Pesa Takos isthe Law & Order Chairman ofthe Nawaeb district. His sister was onthe bus with late Pastor Michael and his family. The bus crew began harassing her soon after she boardedthe Bemayong bound bus.

He saysthe petition containsthe resolution that will refuse any compensation payment.

“We won’t accept any compensation fromthe people of Mt. Hagen because this is against Morobe culture, wherethe killing of a pastor is a new thing for the people of Morobe.”

On Sunday,the angry relatives ofthe late pastor retaliated by burningthPMV bus alongthe Malahang back road.

Classes were suspended and students’were sent home. Two suspects have been arrested in relation tothe killing and police a yet to arrestthe driver ofthPMV bus who drover at high speed whilethe crime was committed.

This isthe latest of a string of violent crime that happened in Lae overthe past week.

On Friday, a young woman was raped and killed also inthe PTC Bemayong area. Her face and genitals were burnt in that gruesome attack.

Scott Waide, National EMTV News_LAE

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