Locals Express Concerns on Deteriorating State of Rauna 2 Bridge

by Godwin Eki – EM TV, Port Moresby

While some have praised the work of Global Construction in fixing the Sogeri road, many have complained about the cheap labor hired and bad bridge conditions.

Sogeri residents say one of the main problems is the main bridge, the rauna 2 Bridge, that connects the small town of Sogeri.

The Rauna 2 Bridge, has been deteriorating each day, making it difficult for the locals to travel.

The locals are asking the contractor, Global construction, to repair the bridge immediately and maintain it as a quality and safe bridge for locals to travel on. 

Residents blame the heavy trucks carrying cements, gravels, rocks and other heavy machinery to and from every day for the deterioration.

They say the Rauna 2 bridge is the only bridge that locals have to access the buses tarvelling to and from for their daily activities. It is also the bridge that connects to the Variarata National Park, which caters to tourist and visitors.

Locals around the area continue to raise concerns about the difficulties relating to the Rauna 2 Bridge; having to wait for hours trying to help others whose trucks and vehicles have been bogged or trapped under the timbers on the bridge. They say this has been going for a long time now and are now speaking up for Global construction to take action to fix the issue.

Locals, however were reluctant to be on camera but showed vocal frustrations complaining about the difficulties they are facing having to cross the bridge every day in fear of falling, especially the mothers with their children.

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