Local School gets Solar Power System under OTDF

The South Fly region of Western Province continues to withness more services being provided for locals under Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s development foundation.


One local school, Nakaku Primary, recently opened a solar power system that will enhance teaching and learning activities for the school populace.

Nakaku primary school is situated inthe Suki/Gigwa LLG, North West ofthe provincial capital Daru.


Recentlythe Ok Tedi Development Foundation launchedthe school’s first ever solar power system, at a cost of 83 and a half thousand kina.


The primary school has nearly 200 students’and teachers. The solar system will enable lighting for classrooms and ther power-operated machines for the school.


Head Teacher Akri Bebola said it wasthe first time for the government-run school to have electricity, since its establishment in 1981.


“I believe that from onwards, we will do great things in teaching and learning for our students’ whichthey have been lacking inthe years that have come and gone,” says Bebola.

The Nakaku community is a development partner underthe Community Mine Continuation Agreement with OTDF, and benefits fromthe agreement.


OTDF Chairman and CEO of Ok Tedi Mining Limited, Nigel Parker, said electricity for rural schools is a necessity for education development.


Similar projects will be implemented in ther Western Province schools.


The occasion was extra memorable as students’and families were treated to an outdoor movie, a first-time experience for the children.

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