Leniata Legacy: Stop Violence on Women and Girls

FouPNG women from Australia are in Port Moresby to launchtheir one week campaign againstthe violencPNG women face.


Their awareness campaign began overthe weekend atthe famous Vision City Mall.

The group is known asthe ‘Leniata Legacy’ named after young mther Kepari Leniata who was burned alive,on piles of tyre in Mt Hagen.


The shocking incident of Leniata’s killing has pulledthese women togther to shine and speak out against violencPNG women face.


Secretary ofthe Leniata Legacy Cassaundra Rangip saidthe issue of violence is rife in PNG and this opportunity will givethem an aggressive campaign.


“Our objective to campaign is to changethe mindsets or psychology of men and women in PNG ” she said.

Ms Rangip added that women in Beisbane have backedthem to come raise this awareness.


They began with a photo campaign by invitingthe public for a free photo shoot withthe word stop ontheir hands.


“We’ll be going into Beruni Primary Schools and deliver a UN programme tothe young girls betweenthe ages of 10 to 12. This is going to be a programme that we tend to implement to all primary schools to educated women of self-confidence, self-esteem, lLeadersip skills, as well as coping mechanisms with pressures of society,” Ms Rangip said.

Leniata Legacy has raised similar awareness usingthe internet an, Facebook and will be featured in PNG rsquo;s Lily magazine.


The group is made up of Philma, Mona, Gertrude and Cassaundra who are all working and studying in Australia.

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