Lea Lea to access clean water soon

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Lea Lea Village outside Port Moresby will soon be able to have clean water supply thanks to a filtering machine called Kube from an American company.

This will helpthe five thousand villagers whose only options for proper drinking water are ether carted at a cost or a two hour walk tothe nearest well.

Fetching water is a burden that women and children beatr, like young Evali Gwaibo who visitstheir bore wells every day to fill water containers.

The villagers can only use water fromthese wells for laundry and bathing, but it is unfit for drinking. To have a drink,they would have to pay for a water cart or else walk for two hours to get water from anther well.

Each unit costs about seventy to one hundred and forty thousand kina depending on required quantity and quality of water.

The project at Lealea is sponsored bythe Ministry of Forest and Climate Changet a cost of one hundred thousand kina and supported bythe National ResearchInstitute.


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