Lands Fraud Activities Revealed

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It has been revealed atthe Public Accounts CommitteeInquiry thatthere are people in possession of fraudulent land titles; and much ofthe blame rests onLands officers.

This is notthe first time for theLands Department to be grilled bythe PAC. Seven years,they were querlied overthe numerous fraudulent land deals. PAC Committee Member Benjamin Poponawa enquired ifthe fraudulent deals were done by people inthe Department.

PAC Chairman John Hickey was pleased withthe reforms and hopes it will preventthe ever-increasing strings of eviction throughoutthe country.

TheLands Department will soon introduce legislations onthe floor of parliament to combat fraudulent land grabs. It has also developed an effective electronic system to register all land titles, one that will be launched in Novermber.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s PACInquiry was cancelled asthe Conference room for theInquiry was prepared for Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s visit.

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