Landowners Win Restraining Order Against Developers

The court battle betweenthe landowners of Collingwood Bey and various developers started back in 1998.


It wasthe first taste of victory for these landowners afterthey successfully obtained a Restraining Order atthe Waigani National Court onthe 11th of December.


The order restrains developers from futher transporting equipment or materials tothe jetty site at Komabun village or any ther village alongthe Collingwood Bey and also restrainsthem from enteringthe area and conducting any activities.


Nothern Province Governor, Gary Juffa, said many times landowners are left to fight for themselves with none or very little support from mandated lLeadersand offices. He saidthe Collingwood landowner’s case was an example and commendedthe landowners for their persistence in fighting this court battle.


This case has prompted Juffa to jump on board to assistthese landowners to pursuetheir case futher. The provincial government has now become a party to this matter.


He said a moratorium has been issued on several works going on inthe province to stop.


Governor Juffa encouraged ther landowners aroundthe country to stand tall and fight for their rights.


He called onthe Mining Minister, Beron Chan, and ther MP’sfrom New Ireland to assisttheir landowners inthe Nautilus case.

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