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Landowners Urged to Work Together with Gulf Provincial Government

By Sharlyne Eri – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Landowners in Gulf Province are urged to work together with the provincial government to develop the province.

Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, says he is committed to involving the sons and daughters of the province for development and needs the cooperation of landowners.

Governor Haiveta says part of his vision is to improve infrastructure to encourage public servants and the private sector, to move into towns like Malalaua, Kikori, Kerema and the Local Level Government stations.

During his visit to the Gulf Province over the Independence weekend, Governor Chris Haiveta admitted that the province still lacks basic infrastructure services, with law and order enforcement being ineffective, due to population and economic growth.

However, he said the future is bright for this province, with promising petroleum discoveries.

Gulf province has abundant renewable and non-renewable natural resources both on land and in the seas, and the Governor is confident, that with the right leadership, these resources will be utilized well.

He said some of his areas of priority as Governor are education, health, agriculture and LLG reforms.

The Governor said the province had the largest potential for hydro power in the country, with rivers like the Purari and Taure, which had the capacity to generate over 3000 and 120 -130 megawatts respectively.

He said the Lakekamu River also had potential to beef up the province and the country’s need for power.

Governor Haiveta said with all these goals and visions for the province, he needs the support and cooperation from the people to deliver results.

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