Lae: SVS Store Armed Robbery

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The SVS retail store atthe Milford Heaven road in Lae has been robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash.

The robbery took place at 10am this morning.


A security firm reported thatthe armed group of robbers, enteredthe store, robbed it andthen usePMV bus astheir getaway vehicle. They abandonedthe car and took off from that point on a boat.


The robbery isthe latest on a series of robberies by criminals who have developed a new trend of conducting armed robberies inthe city by using mostly fifteen-sitter buses as robbery vehicles.


The head ofthe Lae’s Metropolitan Police, Iven Lakatani, has so far issued warnings to businesses to be cautious ofthe new trend of robberies emerging in Lae city.


He says numerous armed robbery cases reported so far involvePMV buses being used as escape vehicles.

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