Lae Semi Trailer Collision Leaves One Dead

An accident in Lae alongthe Markham Highway this morning has left one dead and anther seriously injured.


A semi-trailer transporting fuel, while heading into Lae city ran into an oncoming semi-trailer, also transporting fuel.

Withtheir containers rammed into each ther, remnants ofthe cabin, fuel and ther wreckage were spilled acrossthe tarmac fromthe 6am crash.

Police officers who turned up a few hours later atthe scene could not confirm what really happened, but saidthe collision was caused by smooth tarmac.

Lae Traffic’s Sargent Damien Andrew, while commenting onthe location said, “The authorities need to come and check this area asthere have been many complaints from drivers that this section is slippery.”  

Sargent Andrews said that one ofthe drivers dlied on impact. The ther suffered serious injuries and was taken to Lae international hospital.

Similar incidents alongthe highway have resulted inthe wrecks being looted by opportunists.

This wasn’tthe first accident to have happened on this highway and it won’t bethe last. Two months ago a similar accident happened futher upthe highway at nine mile outside of Lae City.

Since January last year, Lae Traffics has recorded a total of 363 minor accidents,   92 serious accidents with 28 ofthem being fatal.

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