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Lae School Answers Parents Over Exam Results

Senior teachers at a Secondary School in Lae accused by parents for their children missing out on University and college selection say they followed all processes to give students a good chance.

The schools response comes after parents gathered outside the Morobe Provincial Education office on Friday demanding answers as to why over 200 children were not picked to continue in a higher learning institutions.

“From our end to the Office of Higher Education we have completed the application forms on time, so the parent’s claims aren’t true,” says Busu Secondary Principal, George Geyactulu.

He says he is as baffled as the parents of these students over the results the students achieved in the external exam.

Documents, that include correspondence between the Measurement Services Unit show that steps had been taken by the teachers to ensure that everything was in order, before the students sat for their external exam.

“All our 221 students had their school leavers forms filled,” says Deputy Principal, Silames Dom who was put in the spotlight by parents after their children told them that they were not given guidance when filling school leaver forms.

“We had their class patron giving them guidance… coordinated by an experienced guidance teacher,” she says.

This situation has brought to light Statistics that show the schools poor performance in external examinations this year. Physics and Advanced Mathematics have scored amongst the lowest marks.

Students missing out on selection into tertiary institutions’ every year continue to add to the country’s increasing unemployment numbers, while the government invests millions of kina into developing the economy.

The population may be filled with unskilled people in the next few years, if the trend continues, job opportunities will become difficult to find.

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