Lae’s Recent Killings Causes Public Confidence to Dip

By Edwin Fidelis – EM TV, Lae

Public confidence in the city’s law and order problem is beginning to dip following the recent killings.

Members of the Lae public are calling for consistent police surveillance in and around the city.

But the head of Lae’s police force Iven Lakatani on numerous occasions has admitted to limited manpower to police the entire city.

Much of the blame was attributed to inadequate police housing for police personnel.                  

Like any other big city in the world, Lae  crime pattern is one that remains highly unpredictable.

Over the last seven days, the shooting of Moana Barnaga Pisimi, and the murder of Morobe stationary’s owner, Titi Tan, were the two first reported killings in 2015.

The two separate incidents have so far stirred up public concern on security.

While the Lae police are struggling to make sure that the growing city remains safe, they too, have their own internal problems to deal with.

The head of Lae city’s police force, Ivan Lakatani has admitted that Lae’s growth has outpaced the growth of police strength.

And bringing more police personnel to Lae, has been hindered by inadequate police housing.  

The police minister, Robert Atiyafa, who visited Lae’s Bumbu police barracks on Saturday, will make a representation on police housing to the government.

While the police housing is being sorted out, it will take a while, the police minister said.

Meanwhile, Lae’s police force will continue to utilise the resources they have.

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