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Lae NHC Evictions Uncover More Irregularities

by Scott Waide – EM TV, Lae

The latest evictions of tenants in National Housing Corporation properties in Lae, have brought to light more irregularities in previous property sales and rentals.

The National Housing Corporation’s Regional Manager, John Kaupa, told EMTV that NHC properties are being subleased illegally with tenants collecting rentals from the properties.

At least one of the tenants given an eviction is an employee who has been suspended for an alleged illegal sale of a Lae property.

Kaupa produced receipts dating back to 2013 that show payments by the previous Angau Hospital management for a property owned by the National Housing Corporation.  But the check payment of K7,000 was paid to another party – not the  landlord,  the NHC. It’s a matter being investigated by the corporation.

For another Lae property with the NHC registered as the legal owners, the rentals were being paid to another person who still claims ownership of the property. The payments have been made for over two years. The receipts show amounts ranging between 3000 and 4000 paid monthly.

This is just two of many unresolved cases within the National Housing Corporation. Yesterday, another chapter was added to the long list of controversies.

A property occupied by a NHC sales representative became the target of a new round of evictions.  Emma Kokolu, worked for the NHC for 30 years; yesterday she received an eviction order.  

The reason for her eviction was that the NHC had cash flow problems and needed to dispose of some of their properties. She has refused to move and has gone to court.

Emma has also submitted an affidavit to court stating that she was offered K10,000 if she moved and later, its alleged, the buyer raised the sum to K20,000.

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