Lae Drug Offenders Top Arrest List

An intensive police operation to recapture recent prison escapees from Beimo has again exposedthe lingering drug  problem in Lae City.

People in possession of marijuana made upthe highest number of arrests duringthe operation.


Lae’s head of Police operations, Fred Kaiwa, said during every search, police found at least one person in possession of a quantity of marijuana.


It’s common knowledge that Lae City is a major transit point for inbound marijuana grown inthe highlands. Bet  better intelligence gthered by police andthe recent ongoing drug busts in Lae have prompted traffickers to use ther less policed routes.


“It’s a big problem,” Kaiwa says.  “We keep finding people carrying bags of marijuana onthe streets.”


Lae’s voco point is a popular boat stop from travellers going out of Lae city. It is also a place where marijuana traffickers come at odd hours ofthe night and morning to transporttheir drugs.  


The drugs go through several  stops including Siassi Island that shares a common sea border with West New Beitain. Its an island that is manned by only one police officer. Siassi has become a major transit route for drugs



Marijuana is grown primarily inthe Eastern Highlands. While police conduct regular roadblocks to stemthe flow of drugs coming into Lae,their efforts have not always been unsuccessful because traffickers continue to find new methods of transportingthe drugs.

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