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Lae District Court Adjourned Case Again

By Julie Badui Owa – EMTV News, Lae


The Lae District Court for the fifth time has adjourned the case of the four Chinese men who entered the country illegally.

The defendants’ pleaded guilty last week Friday on one count for entering false information on the entry permit, while another was also guilty for making false declaration for the purpose of obtaining an entry permit or visa.

The delay of the court decision was due to the delay of a submission for sentencing by the defendants’ Lawyer that was requested by Magistrate Edward Kupo during the trial last week Friday.

The court decision was adjourned to Wednesday this week.

Lae’s District Court Magistrate Edward Kupo was told last week Wednesday by officers from the Immigration and Citizenship Authority in Lae that two charges from the four charges made to the four Chinese men were identified to be wrong.

The two offenses of the Migration Act removed were, entry into the country with valid permit and in possession of an entry permit without Lawful Authority.

All four defendants were guilty for Entering false information on entry permit, while the fourth defendant Li Yudong, was also guilty for making false declaration to obtain an entry permit or visa.

These men originate from Fujian province in China. They were employed with the Sany Limited Company, a Chinese-owned factory in Lae that produces Lipo Juice and purified water.

In July, the Lae Police through the assistance of PNG Immigration in Lae, arrested these men on three separate charges for illegally entering the country. The fourth defendant, Li Yudong was given an additional charge for making false declaration for an entry permit.

They were charged for entry into the country without valid permit or VISA, false information on their entry permit and were in possession of an entry permit without lawful authority.

Three of these men were released on bail at K2, 100 each three months ago, Li Yudong was released at K2, 800. They are currently out on bail at K 9, 900.


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