Kwikila Women’s Netball Grand Final

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The little township of Kwilika hosted the women’s netball grand final.

Two teams, Varovarona Sisters and Saroa Raiders, battled out for the top spot in the backyard, while netball enthusiasts watched their team play.

It was a heated affair between the two teams with ball passes for the two teams being on point, as they tried to pocket points equally.

With K8000 up for grabs, Saroa raiders had their defence tight, pushing to escape fast.

Varovarona on the other hand, also had their net securely guarded, while finding feet at the defence pocket hole.

With all positions guarded at all the quarters of the game, Varovarona, kept the momentum going on the first quarter knocking out the Saroa Raiders, at 5 – 3.

In the second quarter, Saroa tried to keep pace with Varovarona but fell short on four points to Varovarona 10, at second quarter.

The third quarter came with full of surprises, but this time, the Saroa raiders managed to get their game plan in line, while proving to come back strong for the quarter.

Varovarona lifted their game plan while providing high defence to block Sarora from entering their territory. The effort paid off when the Saroa Raiders were kept atleast a score behind.

Varovarona at the end of the third quarter stood tall, taking awithgain this portion with 3 points ahead of the Sarora Raiders 15 – 12.

The fourth quarter was even more challenging for both teams. But with three quarter wins ahead, Varovarona sisters, held their heads high, while managing to keep the ball in the air, and to the front the of net, keeping the Sarora Raiders backed at their end.

Scoring nets, one after the other for the two teams, the crowds even got vocal on each side, while supporting their favourite team.

With height difference, Varovarona decided to keep their winning streak, all the way through to the last quarter, leaving the Saroa Raiders vulnerable.

With few minutes before the whistling, and 17 points equalizer against the clock, Varovarona, managed to extend their arms further. They closed the game on a high, with a close- point difference of 18 points. This left Saroa Raiders, at one point behind, 17.

The day with presentations for the victors.

Godwin Eki

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Godwin Eki

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