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Kramer: Time for Boycott

By Meriba Tulo – EMTV News, Port Moresby


The Opposition’s call for a nationwide boycott this Friday has hit the headlines over the past week, with varying from both sides of politics.

Today(October 23), Opposition MP, Bryan Kramer spoke to EMTV News, about the approach taken by the Opposition, which he said was being done in response to several decisions taken by the government in trying to cover up what called, ‘corrupt dealings’.

He has also revealed that the Opposition may take further action after the called nationwide boycott this Friday.

According to Mr. Kramer, recent decisions by the Government on spending on APEC – related items, at the cost of essential service delivery, was a big factor in the Opposition’s call for action this Friday, adding that the Opposition was now better organized, and a stronger force.

Mr. Kramer adds that the Opposition had called for answers from the Government and related agencies in regards to the perceived lavish spending, but had not received any favorable response.

The decision calling for a boycott this Friday has been received with mixed reactions – with one main union, the PNG Teachers Association, distancing itself from the planned boycott.

However, Mr. Kramer has brushed aside this call from the PNGTA, calling instead for the Executives of this Union, to listen to its members, who have been treated unfairly in recent time.

Kramer has also reiterated that the Opposition’s call is for a nationwide boycott – and not an industrial action.

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