Kopkop College Eyes to Develop Students Through Career Based System

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By Staycey Yalo – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Kopkop College in Port Moresby will soon be developing its students through a career based system. This concept is done by identifying career pathways of students at an early age and developing them using a holistic approach.

This is an idea proposed by Mrs Sabina Mong, Director of Research and Innovation at the Education Department and Founder of the PNG Career Guide Centre.

According to Mrs Mong, the current PNG education system is not meeting international standard, because the curriculum is based on preparing students for examinations alone, and not on assessment and monitoring to meet standards.

Her idea is to set a program where students’ natural talents, their personalities and their performance in school will be captured to identify what career options best fit each student, and to develop him or her accordingly.

After a short convincing presentation to the Kopkop College administration last week, parents of Kopkop College were given a presentation on Tuesday, June 12 to seek their views on the concept.

Parents, Cecil Leva and Helen Saleu, who sat in for the presentation were happy about the concept and agreed that Kopkop College should take it up.

Staycey Yalo

Journalist, Staycey Yalo has been working with EMTV since October, 2017. She graduated in 2017 from the University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. Staycey's experience extends to three years in the Print media covering Politics and Education.

Staycey Yalo
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