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Kokoda Attack – Suspects Still Being Interrogated

by Adelaide Kari – EM TV News, Port Moresby

It has been one week since the attack an attack on two tourists took place along the Kokoda Track, and two suspects remain under investigation.

Friday of last week saw the two suspects flown in from Efogi village in Central province to Port Moresby to be interrogated over the incident.

Central Police Commander, Laimo Asi, has reported that the two suspects are still undergoing interrogation.

Police are also waiting for the medical reports of the two victims, from the Paradise Private Hospital to be made available to them.

When asked what the situation would be if the female victim, Michelle Clemens, refused to hand access to her medical report, Asi responded by saying that there would be no point holding the suspects on rape charges, as there would be no evidence to charge the suspects with.

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