Koim On Presenting Court Evidence In The Media

Task Force Sweep Chairman Sam Koim says he will not conduct a media trial, but will protect the evidence he has, and allow a competent court of jurisdiction to test the material.

He also denied Attorney General Ano Pala’s claims that he confirmed Paraka bills as legal in his affidavit.


In the meantime, the National Court today granted Sam Koim leave to review two NEC decisions, effectively staying the NEC decision to disband Investigation Task Force Sweep.


The National Court’s ruling today means the Task Force Sweep team has been restored and will carry out its normal functions until the matter returns to court on Thursday.


In response to media reports today where Attorney General Ano Pala claimed that new evidence has surfaced and that the evidence by ITFS was false, Sam Koim said it was misleading.


He said the media was not the right place to present evidence and he will not fall into this trap…he will do everything to protect the evidence he has and allow proper authorities to deal with it.


He said he took a year to study volumes of files at the Attorney General’s office related to the Paul Paraka matter, and he’s surprised how Attorney General Ano Pala has studied these files in a matter of days and labeled his findings as false.


In reference to this, he said lawyers should advise their clients on what the law is and not what the clients think it ought to be.


Koim further denied claims by Pala that he had stated in his affidavit that the Paraka Bills were legal.


The argument by Pala that there was no Supreme Court Stay’Order against the National Court’Order of 6th Feb 2007, giving the Attorney General then, the power and discretion to clear all Paraka Bills, he said ITFS investigations were not only centered around the Stay’Order by the National Court, they have more evidence than that.


However, he said in any case, when a higher court grants an’Order staying national court decisions and proceedings, it supersedes any other’Orders made by the lower courts and everything that runs on this proceeding is stayed.


He said he is ready to defend his findings, but will not do so in the media, as it is not a court room.

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