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Port Moresby
January 23, 2021

Kirakira Road Opened After 2-Week Blockade

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After almost 2 weeks of blockade, the Gavamani road was cleared today for vehicles.

The road from Manu Auto Port, to Sabama in the Moresby South Electorate, was blocked by Kirakira villagers after PNGDF soldiers burnt down houses in the village.


That came after a soldier was murdered at Kirakira village.


This morning, Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, was there with Kirakira villagers to clear the road.


After 2 weeks of refusing to allow public access to the road, local villagers, armed with brooms and rakes, cleared the road allowing normalcy to return.


Last week, PNGDF cleared the road however; villagers disputed it reinstalling the road block the same day.


After the death of a PNGDF soldier, soldiers retaliated by burning down ten houses in the village.


Villagers have demanded for the removal of Taurama barracks and for the PNGDF to replace houses for those who were affected.


This morning, their member, Justin Tkatchenko, along with village elders, agreed for the road to be cleared.


Mr. Tkatchenko said this was a collective decision by the leaders of the village, however, this was only part of the cleaning up, and his office will assist with the rest of the clearing in the village.


Villagers have commanded the member for consulting with the families of those affected including the villagers and the soldiers.


Meanwhile, PNGDF Minister Dr. Fabian Pok, announced recently that a directive was issued for the force to replace the nine three bedroom houses, and one four bedroom house.


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