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September 21, 2021
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Kingsman: The Secret Society, A Film Review

By Hera Hoi – EM TV Online

We have seen James Bond, Jack Bauer films with the usual secret services stunts, all of its technologically advanced gadgets and their highly choreographed fighting scenes that excite you and put you on the verge.

Well, Mathew Vaughn’s recent installation of Kingsmen: The Secret Service has brought its own twist to the Secret Service Movies by having a mix of heroism with the usual gruesome and spilling of blood, loyalty and betrayal, plus a twist of epic and comical vibe added to the film, which makes it all the more entertaining.

The movie brings a newcomer to the Hollywood scene ‘Taron Egerton’ who plays Eggsy Unwin , who grew up in a broken home with an abusive stepfather and a mother who becomes vulnerable after losing her husband, Eggsy’s father, to Kingsman.

Kingsman, is portrayed as a prestigious highly sought after secret service organization consisting of a group of extremely well-trained men and women who are out to save the world from terrorist acts or in this case, from a philanthropist who is trying to eliminate almost the entire world population, and save only a group of handpicked elites.

Troubled youth Eggsy, finds himself in a police station, and uses the one physical object that reminds him of his heroic father to get himself out of trouble – a necklace given to him by a Kingsman, Harry Hart (Collin Firth) during his visit to announce his father’s passing.

A determined Hart, haunted by regret, after losing Eggsy’s father, decides to take Eggsy under his wing and mould him to become a Kingsman, which comes at a high cost. However, Eggsy, a former gymnast and marine officer, proves that he has been preparing for this all his life, until his last task.

Eggsy’s one last chance to prove himself arises when they find a billionaire philanthropist (Sameul L. Jackson) trying to wipe out almost the entire world population inorder to protect planet earth which is suffering from Global Warning.

However, the way the film carries itself through makes even killing hundreds of people seem surprisingly laughable.

Samuel L Jackson plays Valentine who is the villain in the movie, and is by-far the movie’s most entertaining and unusual of characters – with his short tongue in pronunciation, a ghetto upbringing, as well as being a billionaire philanthropist.

British actor, Colin Firth’s scene in the church was probably the most complicated to choreograph and the most memorable with so much technical aspect added to it, displaying his skills and experience as a Kingman, or as his knight title, as Galahad.

Spoiler Alert: The final scene in the end where Eggsy finds himself in the company of a kidnapped Princess who offers her body to him for sexual pleasure in an extremely unexpected way makes the spy film, a little more or less confusing. For the most part because Eggsy is not portrayed as a young man who has time for women througout the film.

One thing I can assure you is that the film is sophisticated and definately unique and highly recommended bringing nothing but entertainment to the big screen.

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