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Port Moresby
January 24, 2021

Kila Kila Primary School: Settlers to Pay For Water Bill

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Kilakila primary school has taken some drastic measures to save water and prevent excessive water bills.

Beard Chairman, Rex Lua, said a memo will be sent to settlers living alongthe school’s boundary to pay for usingthe school’s water supply.


Kilakila primary has made some pressing decisions for the sake of its students’and its future development plans. After many years of poor development services tothe school, its current board is putting its foot down, starting with its water supply.


Lately, residents living alongthe school boundary have been excessively consumingthe schools water supply. Head Master, Robert Lavaki, was concerned thatthe water bill has gone over thirteen thousand kina this year.



According tothe headmaster and chairman,the school owns most ofthe land surrounding it. Howeverthey have not extendedthe school boundary for a long while, thus resulting in many land sales that were done withoutthe school’s knowledge. Mr Lavaki said because ofthe sensitivity surrounding this issue, he refused to comment for the safety of his students’and school property.


Yet Mr Lua informed thatthey will be talking withthe Education Department to see whtherthey can claim some of that space back.


Many ofthe settlers have livedthere for more than 15 years. The school has plans to expand, but cannot do so withthe current situation.


One ofthe current developments isthe new fencing structure. Mr Lua said this will prevent trespassing, vandalism, and hopefully preventthe settlers from usingthe school’s water supply.



Chairman Lua saidthe school shares one main pipe with a nearby settlement community. This has led tothe decision thatthe supply tothe elementary section ofthe school will be cut off to increase pressure for the primary section. The elementary school chair has yet to respond to this decision bythe overall school board.

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