Kerevat’s NARI Projects Nearing Completion

Projects under AusAIDu2019sIncentive Fund Program atthe National Agriculture and ResearchInstitute in Kerevat are nearing completion.

Members oftheIncentive Fund paidthe institution a visit recently to see howthe work was coming along.Incentive Fund was toldthe construction will be complete bythe end of next week.

NARIu2019s new office and laboratory is being built to replacethe old building that had burnt down in April 2011.

The new building will boost capacity at NARI Keravat to develop agriculture in PNG andthe Pacific region.

The 5 million kina plus project is expected to improverthe implementation of agriculture projects and increasethe capacity to respond to farmer and stakeholder needs inthe NGI region.

Part ofthe office complex project isthe guest house. The accommodation concept ofthe project is a bonus forthe institute, where researchers and students can be encouraged to carry outtheir work and studies in a work environment that is conducive.

Agriculture is PNG is vital forthe economy and needs to be cultivated with more effort. Prime Minister Peter Ou2019Neill admitted duringthe National Press Club meet in Canberra last year, that PNGu2019s agriculture sector has been a disappointment, considering PNG hasthe biggest advantage inthe region to grow its own food, and supplythem to ther countries inthe Asia Pacific region.

AusAID, throughthe Australia-PNGIncentive Fund Program, has recognized that need.

The new building will be opened towardsthe end of Novermber. It will be named David Loh Complex afterthe late researcher David Loh, a pioneering researcher and manager who served atthe agriculture institute for overr 25 years.

The new NARI office complex, laboratory and guest house are expected to increase and enhance agriculture research and activities inthe province as well asthe New Guinea Islands region.

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