Keeping Resolutions

As the countdown begins to welcome 2014, for some people, it’s a time for New Year’s resolutions.


For some, another year means another chance to better ourselves. But resolutions usually fail just weeks or even days into the New Year.

In theory, New Year’s resolutions are a good thing, but sometimes, even our best intentions in January don’t tend to survive the month.


Whether your resolutions involve health and financial goals, improving relationships or kicking an old habit, the head of the PNG Psychiatric Association, Dr. Uma Ambi, says there are 5 tips you can follow to help keep those resolutions.


Tip #1 Set Realistic Goals. Make goals that you think you can keep.  


Tip #2 Define those Goals. Be clear about what you would like to achieve. Write your goals down and keep the list in a place that you can see it everyday.


Tip #3 Set a Schedule. Create a timetable that allows you to achieve your goals in small portions in small chunks of time.


Tip #4 Don’t be upset by setbacks. Understand that changing behaviour is a process. At times you may fall back into old habits and this is a normal part of human nature. Determine to continue with your goals regardless of minor missteps.


Tip #5 Ask for Help. Speaking to family and friends who love and care about you will help you regain the energy to bounce back on track. Sometimes however, the weight of achieving resolutions can cause added stress and depression if not met. Speaking to professionals such as Psychologists can help. These health workers are specifically trained to approach life’s issues both from a physical and mental approach and will guide you to map out ways of achieving your desired goals, balancing emotional and physical needs.   


So as we head into the New Year, it is helpful to realize what is possible and what is not.


Research shows that it takes 3 months for a behavior to become a habit, and that small steps go a long way.

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