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Kairuku Hiri; Primary Counting to Finish by Friday

Counting for the Kairuku Hiri Open by-election is winding down with 10 ballot boxes remaining.

Officials have completed counting boxes from the Koiari, Hiri and Mekeo LLGs and are currently counting boxes from the Kairuku LLG.


The primary count is expected to finish on Friday.     

Kairiku Hiri is one of four Administrative Districts in Central province. It consists of four LLGs and has a population of more than 200, 000 people. 

With the introduction of the electronic counting system, officials are working day and night shifts to ensure figures from the electronic count correspond to that of manual counting. 

More than thirty candidates have contested for this seat and after count twenty-seven, the three favorites are still fighting for the top spot. Peter Isoaimo, a PNG party candidate is ahead in the race with 11572 votes, seating member Paru Aihi from the People’s National Congress Party is in second place with 8194, and Henao Iduhu is running in third, with 7406 votes.

It was a slow start but officials say, they will be entering elimination rounds on Saturday. Supporters are still camping outside IPA.

Just like other electorates in PNG- roads, schools and health services are still are major concern for the Kairiku – Hiri electorate.

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