Kagua Disconnected

Funding difficulties have prevented six villages in Kagua, in the Southern Highlands province from reaching basic government services.

A 12-meter bridge was left incomplete after the funds were allegedly diverted to be used in other areas.


The six villages in the area are calling for the completion of the 12-meter bridge.


The Kagua people said, they have been neglected and forgotten for the past three decades and they are calling for government’s help.


A section of the incomplete bridge constructed about a year ago with help from the district funds costing nearly K100, 000 still stands. No construction company was deployed to construct the bridge.

The people here built the bridge themselves as a community project using building materials provided by the district authority.

The incomplete bridge cuts off half a population of over 50 thousand people of Kagua outstation. It makes it difficult for vehicles to pass through.

A school and 6 LLG wards live on the other side. If they have to use a vehicle to transport their goods, this is where their journey ends.

A temporary bypass was constructed instead and people use it to move their cargos to the other side before making it home on foot. But the people here say the government won’t come.

Health, education and law and order aren’t any better. The Kagua people are now thinking of ideas about how they may address each problem, one by one.

Although the district may see little improvement over the next few years, it is a long way off for Papua New Guinea as a nation.

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