Kabwum District Receives Relief Supplies

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By Colleen Barilae – EM TV News, Lae

People in Morobe’s Kabwum area are starting to receive rations from the district following the 6-month drought.

The district so far has provided disaster relief supplies for two LLG’s.

Morobe’s Kabwum MP, Bob Dadae, has directed his LLG managers to compile reports on areas affected by the dry spell in the province.

The reports will assist the district in calculating costs covered in buying relief supplies.

So far the district has assisted two LLG’s by providing them with store food.

Kabwum district is located in the hinterlands of Morobe and people rely on their food gardens and creeks as a means of survival.

The Kabwum MP says the district is now facing food shortages.

The district is planning to use project funds to purchase food supplies for the people.

Kabwum district is now reaching out to its people with relief.

Some of the worst hit areas of the Morobe province include Menyamya and the Markham district where smaller water sources and gardens have dried up.

Schools have also been forced to scale down on operations because of water shortages.

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