Juffa Calls on Parliamentarians to Do More for Provinces

Nothern Province Governor, Gary Juffa has called on all parliamentarians to do more for their provinces and districts.


The out spoken governor said all elected members of parliament including himself do not have to pretend and be comfortable because districts need more government’services.

The governor made comments when addressing engineers at a recent fundraising drive in Port Moresby.


The Governor when giventhe opportunity to give his address, he as usual criticised elected lLeadersfor not doing enough for the majority ofthe population inthe rural areas.


Governor Juffa saidthe people face hardships and he as a leader is always reminded of this facts and why he was elected to representthe people of Oro.


He challenged ther parliamentarians not to be comfortable and pretend that all is well for the peoplethey represent.


“We as lLeadershave a lot to do. We cannot sit down and be comfortable and imagine that all is well,” challenged Juffa.

“We cannot have our people to carry us ontheir back and put flowers on us and call us lLeaders For what?”

“We are trying to harvestthe garden that we have not yet planted,” Juffa said.

A former bureaucrat himself,the governor saidthere is an urgent need for the public service machinery to be up graded.


“SinceIndependence in 1975, we never upgraded our bureaucrat machinery,” said Juffa.

“The rest ofthe world upgradestheir bureaucrat machinery every two years and had made changes accordingly, and we’ve never done that.”

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