Judge:Allan Kadea

Where are you originally from?


I am 100% from PNG (Central Province – Vabukori & Barakau village to be specific).

What is your musical background?

Played guitar at an early age. Wrote first song when I was 14 years old. Won festival of music competition at St Peters Lutheran College, Australia, while in year 11 for the Rock category. Played bass and guitar for school band throughout high school.

Started producing in 2001 and recorded first album in 2004 in Australia while gigging as a DJ in Brisbane clubs in 2001. Have recorded 9 albums to date and released numerous singles for compilations.

Moved back to PNG in 2008 and was head Music Director for PNG National Games 2009. Became the music director for PNG NRL Bid 'Sing Sing Tribe' and was DJ manager & Resident DJ at Lamana Gold Club. Setup studio in Moresby called Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl and toured PNG in 2009 with Rage magazine. Have toured around the Pacific performing as a DJ while producing music in Port Moresby.

Became head judge for Digicel Stars 1 in 2010 & 2011. Won the “Best Collaboration 2011/2012” for the hit song 'South Pacific Beauty' feat Hanley Logoso.

Have worked on numerous advertising campaigns and produced music for 2 documentaries. Currently have the track “Time Is Now” in the Urban Pacific Charts which has climbed to #No.2 and looks to be on it's way up to the top spot.


What are you passionate about in life?

Music, family, my friends, development in our country & maintaining my roots.


What would you like to see our budding talents achieve whether it be life in general, career or musical aspirations?

I hope the participants in Digicel Stars grow in confidence as performing artists. Music is a tough industry and I hope the contestants learn to be sincere and find their own mojo/groove as a singer during the competition or at least be set on the right path to self discovery.

I dream that one of our contestants will crack the pacific market and hope that in time one of them will be seen on the international stage. That would be the ultimate- to be able to make a full-time career from what they love doing, are passionate about and gifted in.


What are some of the positive aspects that Digicel Stars have done for some of our past talents in terms of personal & professional development?

All past contestants who I have spoken to have said similar things and that is, they enjoyed the show, made friends and grew in confidence from performing live. They learnt more about song selection and learnt to step out of their comfort zone as performers.


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